Community Guidelines

  1. 1.Accurate Information: Organizers are responsible for creating and posting accurate and informative content related to their events, including the date, time, location, and any fees or requirements. Attendees should provide accurate information about their profile and interests.
  2. 2.Attendee Conduct: Attendees are expected to behave respectfully and appropriately at events. Attendees should not engage in any behavior that is harmful or offensive to other attendees. Attendees should follow the instructions of the organizer and any rules or guidelines set forth for the event.
  3. 3.Safety: Both organizers and attendees are responsible for ensuring that events are safe for all participants. Organizers should take appropriate safety precautions for their events and provide attendees with information about any potential safety risks. Attendees should also take appropriate safety precautions and report any safety concerns to the organizer or moderator or administrator.
  4. 4.Communication: Organizers should communicate clearly and timely to attendees regarding event details, including any changes or updates. Attendees should communicate any questions or concerns to the organizer respectfully and professionally
  5. 5.Feedback: Organizers should welcome feedback from attendees respectfully and constructively. Attendees should provide feedback respectfully and professionally and should focus on providing constructive criticism that can help improve future events.
  6. 6.Respectful Behavior: All members of the community should behave respectfully towards each other. This includes avoiding any behavior that is discriminatory or offensive towards others, as well as avoiding any behavior that could be considered harassing or bullying. All members should also respect each other's privacy and personal information.
  7. 7.Inappropriate Content: Organizers and attendees should not post any content that is sexually explicit, violent, or otherwise inappropriate. Any such content will be removed by administrators.